About Us

At just six years old Captain Chris Duba fell in love with the sea when his father took him out fishing on the Silver Fox on a weekly basis. While destined to be on the water, as he grew up Chris left the boat to pursue a career as an airline pilot, flying 737s and eventually 747s internationally.

However, Chris couldn't ignore his love for the sea and in 1985 he began captaining charter boats in San Diego and Mexico, fishing for sharks and tuna.

Back in 2000 when presented the opportunity to take the helm of the Silver Fox, there was no question for Chris and he eagerly stepped into the role. He has since been providing tourists and locals alike amazing experiences out on the San Francisco Bay. Whether he's sport fishing, bay touring, or dodging great white sharks out by the Farallons Islands, Chris ensures that everyone on the Silver Fox has an awesome time out on the water.