Great White Shark Adventures

During the Fall months (Sept – Nov), thousands of marine mammals migrate to the Farallon Islands, which are approximately 27 miles from the San Francisco Bay to breed and calve their young. This event attracts the largest great white sharks in the World. The Farallon Islands, located in the red triangle, are the known feeding ground for the great white sharks before their long Pacific Migration.

We have had many dramatic encounters from great white attacks from the safety of the vessel. These events are purely natural and part of everyday life at these islands. This is an event that is truly unforgettable.

The Journey

Our adventure from San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf to the Farallon Islands is a full day excursion and includes continental breakfast, lunch, coffee and beverages. This trip also provides an atmosphere with instructions and information of the great white sharks and the marine sanctuary of the Farallon Islands.

Our shark encounters are viewed from the surface in full view of everyone. Some trips we see 2 or more sharks, some trips we do not see any sharks at all. Our goal is to provide an opportunity to experience a great white shark and encounter other marine life.

The Farallon Islands are a safe haven to 37 types of endangered species, 400 types of sea birds, elephant seals, California sea lions, stellar sea lions and are a popular migrating stop for many types of whales including the blue, grey and hump back whale with the possibility of porpoises and dolphins.

This is a great expedition for anyone who loves the outdoors.  This rare adventure will provide you an opportunity to observe such an occurrence with a great white shark attack and a memory of a lifetime!


Witnessing a  very large great white shark consumes up to a 300 lb. sea lion can be a very dramatic experience. These particular acts are very bloody and violent. Though you will be observing this event from the safety of the vessel, you may consider such a journey.  You can decide if this is an encounter you wish to experience.